How to Kick the Nicotine Stick!

How to Kick the Nicotine Stick!

Written by Dr. Kathy Dang, ND, MSTOM

In recent news in Canada, a historical case against 3 major tobacco companies has mandated they pay $15.5 billion CAD for failing to warn customers of the harm of smoking.

Let’s face it. Most people are fully aware of the risk they are taking when smoking, but nicotine addiction and habit forming behaviours often overcome the will to quit.

Most people quit when they have made a committed mental decision, they are fully committed, AND they have learned to disrupt the environment around smoking behavior.  What do I mean by this? First, let’s review some background information about addiction and habit formation.

Recently on NPR, a story titled “What Heroin Addiction Tells US About Changing Habits” revealed that 15% of US servicemen in Vietnam were actively addicted to heroin but MOST (95%) did not continue heroin use when they returned back home.  We know that with heroin, a narcotic known to be highly addictive, quitting is nearly impossible!  How did these servicemen kick the habit? 

Research has shown that changing attitude towards an addiction is not as effective as disrupting the behaviour through manipulating the physical environment.  The soldiers were able to stop their addiction because returning home was such a radical change in environment, the associated behaviour in the environment and addiction was broken.

So, I’m not suggesting to move to another country, but try smoking with your non-dominant hand.  Enter and exit your work place through different doors. Change your route to which you drive home.  Unlock your home door with the other hand.  Rearrange your furniture.  Essentially, change the environment!  And most importantly, find the proper resources to support this change and your new goals.

Here at Yaletown Naturopathic Clinic, you will find supportive care and a comprehensive treatment plan to meet your individual needs. We offer acupuncture to curb cravings, treat related anxiety, as well as associated sleep disturbances. Coupled with micronutrient detox strategies that support to help the liver, kidney, and bowel function, we can tailor your individual smoking concerns with excellent clinical guidance.

If you or someone you know has reached the point of wanting to quit, come visit us for acupuncture and naturopathic care.

Contact Yaletown Naturopathic Clinic at 604-235-8068 or by email at info@yaletownnaturopathic.com for your appointment today!


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