If you are a parent or a family member of an individual with special needs you know the amazing lessons they teach you, the unique abilities and characteristics they have and the challenges they face. In so many ways, they teach us.

Integrative medicine is making advances in understanding the causes of many of the symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADD/ADHD, PANDAS/PANS, and other neurodevelopmental disorders.

Our children with special needs are the "canaries in the coal mine".  Research into the role of environmental changes in the last century, show that our children with special needs may have difficulties detoxing the bi-products of our modern world. Key nutritional deficiencies like B vitamins, essential fatty acids, carnitine and glutathione supportive nutrients have been identified to play a role in symptoms.

While the goal of treatment is not to change who they are as people, there are treatment options to help ease symptoms such as seizures, obsessive and ritualistic behaviours, aggression, digestion issues, tics, inattention, difficulty focusing, anxiety, as well as improve language and speech delays, eating habits, coordination, mood and sleep and to help them function as optimally as possible in their lives.

Treatment and assessment includes a thorough look at the following:

Assessment of Mitochondrial Function

Assessing Thyroid Function

Addressing possible gut hyper permeability

Assessing the Role of Environmental Toxins such as testing for Heavy Metal Accumulation

CSDA testing-stool testing to assess for dysbiosis and overgrowth

Assessment and treatment of nutritional deficiencies that exacerbate symptoms such as tics, aggression, seizures, delayed language, etc.

Assessing the role of candida, heavy metal accumulation and parasitic overgrowth

Assessing the role of food allergens, and other sensitivities like oxalates, phenols and salicylates and possible food sensitivity testing

Implementing specialized diets such as GFCF (gluten free, cassein free), SCD, GAPS, Low Oxalate Diet, Low FODMAPS Diet, Ketogenic/ Modified Atkins Diet, etc.

Working to decrease whole body burden from toxins, such as pesticides in and on our food, plastics, flame retardants, heavy metals, etc.