Breanne Dunlop, BBA, RHN

Health and wellness have been a long time passion for Breanne. She graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN) Vancouver branch with a diploma in Natural Nutrition. Previously, she completed her Bachelor of Human Resources with the intention of working in health and wellness to create awareness of health in the business industry.

Her role as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist is to work directly with clients to provide guidance, support and education for all aspects that encompass nutrition - body, mind and spirit. As a holistic nutritionist, she practices with the intent on addressing her client’s health concerns by understanding the root cause and correcting these imbalances within the body. Though she practices with a strong focus on diet and nutrition, she is a firm advocate in the body-mind-spirit connection, and strongly believes in the importance of one’s mind and the power of their energy in their personal journey toward optimal health.

With the tendency to focus on healing from the inside out, Breanne believes nutritional consulting can be very insightful and powerful for clients as it’s often hard to understand or pinpoint what is going on inside your body. As each one of us is beautifully unique, she believes that there is no ‘one size’ fits all protocol that will work for each one of us and is committed to work with her toward meeting their personal health goals and support them in whichever direction they feel resonates with them most. Though clients typically come to her for nutrition advice, she believes at looking at things holistically and that many health conditions may be more effectively targeted with lifestyle changes and supplementation, when necessary.

Always eager to learn more, Breanne continues to keep herself immersed in the world of nutrition. She is an active member of the CSNN alumni where she attends seminars and workshops to stay current in this ever so changing industry.

Breanne offers one-on-one nutrition consultations to her clients, providing them with an extensive meal plan and recipes to help guide them on their journey to health.

Your one-on-one consultation will include:

  • A 45 minute consultation to discuss your health history and current health concerns and goals
    • A customized protocol: dietary advice and lifestyle and supplementation recommendations
    • Ideas of foods to help support these changes

A comprehensive menu plan to help implement these changes is also an option:

    • Menu plan including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks that supports your health goals
    • Recipes to guide you in preparing your meals

Contact Breanne today at 604-235-8068 or by email at to book your appointment today.


SpecialityRegistered Holistic Nutrition
DegreeBBA, RHN

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