At our clinic in Vancouver, British Columbia, Dr. Adam McLeod focuses on integrative cancer care where we ensure that patients are well supported during the healing process. There are many different evidence-based Naturopathic therapies that are effective at helping your body  fight cancer. These treatments are safe in conjunction with conventional therapies when used appropriately. We offer a wide range of integrative cancer therapies including but not limited to:

All of these therapies are well supported by scientific evidence and can make a big difference when your body is battling cancer. 

Dr. McLeod's most recent publication, Integrative Cancer Care: The Power of Being Informed, describes evidence based natural therapies that are available and how they can be used in an integrative cancer setting. You can minimize your side effects from traditional chemotherapy and radiation treatments while enhancing their effectiveness. This book is an easy to understand guide, which navigates the reader through the complex world of the molecular biology behind integrative cancer care. Click here to purchase this book through the online bookstore, books are also available for purchase at the clinic.

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